Handling Objections


Yesterday’s TIME is gone forever
 We cannot hit “rewind” or “undo” to bring back time
 “Procrastination” is the grave in which opportunity is buried



There are other cheaper products in Amazon
Did you notice how many gripstick are there in their package? The reason why other products are cheaper is because they have less gripstick in their package.

I saw the same number of gripstick as yours, however their price is cheaper.
We stand by the quality and reliability of our product. It is like buying a car if you want a quality car then you pay a premium price.

I want to try selling the product but I do not have sales experience.
This product is so easy to sell, you do not even have to say a word, just demonstrate the product and it will sell for you.

I want to try selling this product but I do not have the confidence to do it.
You will never know if you will be successful or not if you never try. The first sale is usually the difficult one, but once you break that "barrier of fear" the next and succeeding sales will just come natural.

Selling Tips

Start small, buy a product, demo the product, take orders, buy wholesale, deliver your orders and start making money! Share the concept, build your sales team and make more money!

"Selling is listening" to the needs of the customer, do not interrupt while the customer is objecting or asking a question. Their questions or objections are revelation of their real needs. So if you want to close a sale LISTEN!  Good luck!

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